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Metter Chiropractic Center Inc.

Family Practice/ Neuromusculoskeletal Specialist


Patient Reviews

I had gotten to the point that I could not stand up, walk very far or lie down in my own bed. The recliner was the only place that I could find some relief. I had been to pain management doctors, completed all the treatments, took pain medication (which I don't like to take) until it no longer helped. I had been to Orthopedic Doctors, taken injections and that wasn't working. One doctor talked about knee surgery, as he was treating my knee for the pain, and all the time it was my back causing the pain. After much thought, tears, and prayer, I decided to see a chiropractor. I must say that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I explained what all I had been going through, and Dr. Gasiecki set up as series of treatments for me. I am now able to do things that I could only think about. I drive approximately 75 miles to see Dr. Gasiecki for regular visits, and I am here to tell you that it is worth every mile to be PAIN FREE. Thank you Dr. Gasiecki!

Peggy McGowan

I had migraine headaches every day for most of my life. I visited a neruologic doctor for over 4 years with no success. After visiting Dr. Gasiecki for less than 2 months, my headaches are down to less than 1-2 migraines every 2 to 3 months. Great success with a chiropractor!

John Vedder Jr.


My story begins a few short months ago when I walked into Dr. Gasiecki’s office, very skeptical. I thought, another doctor who will make me feel crazy and not be able to help me. I let Dr. Gasiecki know my thoughts, I listened to him, and then asked “How can you be so sure?”. After being hit with vertigo three years ago, and being so sick I had to crawl to the bathroom, I didn’t know what to do . After three years of guesses from doctors, MRI’s, CT Scans, tests that I called water boarding , and tests on my ears, they came up with Meniere’s Disease. After many medications, and trial and error, the vertigo got better, but I still had many symptoms doctors couldn’t explain. I felt like all the doctors had given up and that I was  crazy. I weighted 98lbs and could not ride in or drive a vehicle. I was a couch potato. So now, 3 years later, I decided to try Chiropractic. In these few months, I feel so much better. I can do so much. I can clean my house, ride in a vehicle, and even do laundry. I still can’t drive, but now I have hope. So now, I now why Dr. Gasiecki was so sure of himself. I am so glad I made the decision to use Chiropractic . I will let everyone know how much Dr. Gasiecki has helped me.Thank you Dr. Gasiecki and all of your staff. 

Joan Stafford


When I first came to Dr. G, I was suffering from severe sleep apnea, which was causing me to have a lot of restless nights. I was constantly waking up at night, and the next morning I was so tired that hardly function. I was also having problmes withmy legs hurting at night, which also made sleeping difficult. After only a few visits with Dr. G, I started resting better at night. My headaches have gone away; and when I wake up, I feel rested. Also, my legs do not hurt anymore. I am greateful to Dr. G and his staff. I would recommend them to anyone!

Monice Holloway


When I came to Dr. Gasiecki, I had my doubts about being pain free, becaue I have had it for so long. I had pain in my neck, left shoulder, and arm. But after a few adjustment and sticking with my treatment plan I have no pain. I had pain for so long, but Dr. Gasiecki made a firm believer out of me. He said he could help me and he did. Thanks Dr. Gasiecki!!!

Luree Hendrix


When I cam to Metter Chiropractic Center, I was having a lot of pain in my neck and back, not to mention the headaches! But since coming here, I have been feeling a lot better. I barely have any pain now! The staff at Metter Chiropractic Center have been very friendly and helpful. They make sure to get the best time for you and really work with your schedule. I would recommend them to anyone.

Larissa McPherson


I came in with pain in both shoulders and unable to lift my arms without hurting. However, since beginning my treatment with Dr. Gasiecki , I am happy to report that I have definitely improved and look forward to being completely pain free! He has improved my neck pain I also had. I can now turn my head more freely without pain. I am so thankful that I mad that first call to Metter Chiropractic Center and plan to continue my treatment along with the warm welcome I recieve each time I enter the office.

Susan McNair


When I first came to Dr. Gasiecki, I was having severe pain in my lower back. After  a few adjustment visits, I was feeling better. Thanks to Dr. Gasiecki and his wonderful staff, I now can do my daily activities with no pain at all.

Paul Blackburn


When I first came to Metter Chiropractic Center, I had lower back pain that radiated into my stomach and the top of my leg. I also had tingle in my neck and shoulders and severe headaches. After seeing Dr. G for a month and a half, I am now pain free! I am able to mobilize and perform daily activities easier.

Winona Lindsey


When I came to Dr. Gasiecki, I had a choice of surgery or chiropractic care. I had loss of balance and back pain. I opted to go with chiropractic care to avoid surgery! After being treated by Dr. G, my balance was restored and the back pain ceased. I recomend Dr. G to everyone because of his professionalism and kindness. I even bring my teenager to him now!

Heather Albinson


I came to Dr. Gasiecki with severe back pain. After 3 visits, I was much better. When I came, I could not sit or stand without severe pain. Now I can do just about anything that I want to. I highly recommend Dr. Gasiecki. He has helped tremendously! I still have treatments, but after every treatment, I feel better.

Larry Johnson


After years of back pain coming and going, the pain decided to linger. Spending one week in bed taking muscle relaxers and pain pills, I said "This is enough!" I made the call to Jennifer at Metter Chiropractic Center. First week of treatent was the biggest relief. Now, I am doing things without the dull nagging ache an no tingling in the right leg. Just being able to perform daily tasks is an awesome feeling! Thanks to God for placing Dr. G in our small town of Metter.

Debbie Kight


Before I came to Dr. G, I had pain that literally brought me to my knees! The pain was sharp and extremely painful! It occured when I walked, sat, and turned. No precise action caused it on a repeated basis. Finally after consulting friend swho had been relieved by Dr. Gasiecki, I made an appointment! It was the best decision I could have made. Now, I am one pain free individual who would not hesitate to refer "Dr. G" to anyone! Better life through therapy, not meds!

Amy Koth


Dr. Gasiecki was my last straw. I had been diagnosed with ADHD, was on medication, and still having issues with anxiety and fatigue. Dr. Gasiecki diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue syndrome after a series of tests and some nerve issues in my neck. Treatment for these issues included chiropractic adjustments and some lifestyle changes through diet and excercise. I am well because of this treatment plan and off of prescription meds!!! I feel the best I have felt in years!!! Thank you Gasieckis- Doc. and Jennifer!!

Sumer Holloway


I came to see Dr. Gaisecki bacause I was experiencing extreme back pain, which was interfering with my ability to live a normal life! I was unable to get out of bed by myself, get in and out of a car, and in some cases, even to dress myself! My husband encouraged me to give Dr. Gasiecki a try. After six weeks of therapy, I am able to do most things I need to do including bending over the table of my kindergarteners for short periods of time. I look forward to being able to jog and work out like I used to do, which Dr. Gasiecki assures me will happen!

Michelle Lamm


Thanks to Dr. G and his staff for the wonderful treatment I have recieved. It's been quite sometime ago since I've been able to say "I have comfort in my low back." I've been able to lessen the meds I've been taking for years. I highly recommend, if you have back pain, to see Dr. G.

Jessie Givens


I came to Metter Chiropractic after years of chronic back pain and after being treated by several chiropractors and doctors with little relief. After getting my 2nd adjustment with Dr. G, my back pain was gone! With continued treatement and therapy came continued relief and longer periods without pain. What a blessing! My only complaint is that I've improved and my appointments are further apart, I don't get to come laugh with the incredible staff here! I am extremely grateful for Dr. G and his crew. The quality of my life has been improved. What more could I ask for!

Maris Cripps


When I came into the office of Dr. G. I was having trouble with my neck, lower back, and my shoulders. I was just taking alot of medications at night just so I could sleep. But now I take very little if anything at all to get through the night. I have come along way in just a short time thanks to the team here at Metter Chiropractic Center.

Thanks to the Whole team,

Angie Lanier


I was in a motor vehicle accident on Nov. 3, 2008. I had a MRI, CT-SCAN, and X-Rays, but no doctor could find the problem. So, I took it up for myself to do something different. I walked into Dr. G's office and talked to Jennifer and Jessie. Thats is when the miracle started. Dr. G saw me for adjustments and Jessie did therapy with heat. By the time the three weeks went by I had relief from my neck, shoulders and back pain. I didn't have to take anymore pain medication. I honestly never thought the day would come when I would not have to rely on pain medications, but it did. I am so grateful I walked into his office that day. I just keep trying a little harder everyday and I know that Dr. G knows what he is doing. Thanks alot Dr.G, Jennifer and Jessie.

Becky Anderson


When I first came to Metter Chiropractic Center, it was because my Doctor told me the muscle spasms I was having were permenate and the only thing I could do was take muscle relaxers and pain pills. So when a co-worker told me about how much MCC was helping him deal with his pain, I wanted to give it a try. I never expected to be pain free, but today I can say I don't hurt any where any more. I can't say Thank You enough MCC! A special thanks to Jessie for reminding me all the time she knows how busy I get.

Bobby Mock


Dear Doctor G,

Thank you for fixing my neck. I will probably see you around. And thanks for being gentle on it. You have been very good to me and my mom, and I just want to say Thanks.

Zach Hodges


When I started to see Dr. G. My lower back hurt so bad, I could not do anything like work, rest or sleep. After a few treatments and therapy, my back started feeling better. I now have no pain and I work and sleep better and pain free. Thanks for the help

Robert Dekle


I did not know what was happening to me. I thought I was getting old- FAST! I would arrive at work and could hardly get out of the car and walk in the building. My friends asked me what was wrong and I said, " Well some times my parts work and sometimes they don't". I started coming to see Dr. Gasiecki on April 29, 2009. I did what he said and its amazing- like a magic trick. I'll never forget the day I walked normally out of the office. I was saying out loud, " look I can walk". Amazing how something so simple can be so important--walking. Thank you, Dr. Gasiecki and Jennifer and Jessie ( my personal trainer haha.)

Ruth Wilburn Banks


In January, 1958 my last child was born. When he was about 8 months old I had mopped my floors and went to the porch to swing him to sleep. Almost as soon as I sat down and began to swing, it broke and threw me backwards over the swing from a porch about four feet from the ground, and I landed on the root of a tree extended out of the ground. Thus began my visits with a chiropractor. Our medical doctor was away caring for his father and I had been taking my parents to a chiropractor, my eldest son called him because he was afraid to move me until the doctor had seen me. I have depended almost entirely on Chiropractic care since. My first doctor was Dr. Lynn for only a couple visits, Then Dr. Milhous cared for me until Dr. Gasiecki filled his office and I have been more than pleased with the relief he has given me from my long time injuries.

Eloise Beasley


I came to Dr. Gasiecki to improve my overall health. It was amazing how quickly I saw much improvement. X-rays showed I had back and hip problems. I had one hip that was higher than the other. After a short period of time X-rays showed my hips were back in proper alignment. It was unbelievable. My back problems improved at a rapid pace. Most of the pain is no longer there and I feel great. Dr. Mike has really helped my wife and me get on a heathly diet. His knowledge of nutrition has been a great help to us. We want to thank Dr. Gasiecki and his staff foral that they have done for us. I recommend them to everyone who in interested in being pain free, and eating the proper diet

Elder Tom Deal


I came to Dr. Gasiecki with severe pain in my lower back, and in my right hip. It had been hurting for years. At this point I could hardly walk. Dr. Gasiecki treated my conditions and after a few treatments, my severe pain subsided. After several days of chiropractic treatment and physical therapy. My pain was completely gone I can now play golf, tennis, ans live an active lifestyle. Thank you Dr. Gasiecki for helping me.

Dale Bennett


I consulted Dr. Gasiecki, because my neck and back were giving me problems, and with x-rays he determined it was not my back giving me trouble, but my right hip. I also suffered from asthma and was using my inhaler two or more times a day. Before my treatment was finished, I was no longer having to use an inhaler. I feel better thank I have in years.

Bettie Moore


When I began seeing Dr. Gasiecki I had constant pain in my back. After the very first visit I experienced almost instant relief. I have continued to improve and no longer have any pain. I am able to walk better and can stand for longer periods than before my adjustments started. I will complete my treatments soon.

Bobbie Bowen


After seeing many doctors, specialists, neurologists, and so on, for a stabbing pain in my right hip with no relief, I took it upon myself to finally break down and see a chiropractor. My brother told me about Dr. Gasiecki, his family are all patients of Dr. G's. It didn't take long for Dr. Gasiecki to find my problem and get me some long sought after relief! WHEW! Thanks Dr. Gasiecki, I now am a believer in Chiropractic Medicine and recommend Dr. Gasiecki to everyone.

Troy Braswell


In July of '07 I suffered a severe injury to my leg. Over night I became cripped. Walking and standing was extremely painful. I was in constant pain. I could sleep only sitting upright and then for brief periods. I had not had a good night's rest since the onset of the pain. I had been to a medical doctor twice and was taking medications. The pain level was increasing. Mobililty was becoming more limited everyday. Prior t this, I enjoyed an active lifestyle. Now, I was hobbling and staying indoors. After evaluation and a few treatments from Dr.G the pain lessened and gradually ceased. I was able to walk with ease and returned to normal activities. I was able to sleep through the night. I will be forever grateful to Dr. G and his staff. Their treatments enabled me to return to an active life-style.

Jerry Lott


I was in a great deal of pain when I first visited Dr. G. Within the first week my pain level was down to a one. With Docs's treatment plan I feel great! He has really helped me. Thanks Doc!!!

Dean Stone


Before I came to Metter Chiropractic Center, I was suffering from headaches, back aches and knee pain everyday. Not long after I began treatment, my pain levels went down drastically. I no longer have to worry about the possibility of needing surgery because my spine s now becoming straighter. Everyone here is super nice and they made my visits enjoyable.

Sarah Gibson


As a new mom I was very concerned that my daughter screamed every time she spat up. After seeing her pediatrician we were told she had acid reflux Mind you, they only checked her temp, asked two questions, and walked out the door. We were then sent home with two high-powered prescriptions that had to be administered two or three times daily. We gave the medicine to Elizabeth-Grace two times and it seemed to help, but we didn't like it. After a consultation with Dr. Gasiecki, he assured my husband and I that he could treat her and she would not need the medicine. He was right! Elizabeth-Grace never even cried. Dr. Gasiecki was very thorough in his examination and treatment. He was also very calming to a already distressed first time mom. We knew our baby didn't need drugs and Dr. Gasiecki proved it! Today we are still acid reflux free!

Jerri O'Brien


I came to Dr. Gasiecki to avoid having back surgery in 2007. After a full exam and X-ray, Dr. Gasiecki told me that he could repair the damage that was done to my back. I started to the treatment plan he recommended and I felt better after my first visit with him. The pain in my back and hip is now gone. I would recommend his treatment to anyone. If he can't help you, he will be honest and tell you, but if he can, follow his instructions and you will get relief.

Murney Addison


Pain FREE!! I was so happy to be able to finally say this about myself. Having lived with pain for so long, I didn't know it was possible. Thanks Dr. Gasiecki, you not only helped me set a goal to success but educated me about the process as we met it together. Although our bodies are complex-they are wonderfully made, to do whatever we wish to do pain free!!! I am so thankful I found Dr. Gasiecki because everything I have learned has enchanced my determination to rely on chiropractic care. Thanks Dr. Gasiecki!!!

Bonnie Hucheson


When I first consulted with Dr. Gasiecki, my back pain had gotten to the point that it was unbearable. I could not sleep nor think straight and I was walking in a very stooped position. I was using crutches or a walking cane to get around. On February 26th, 2008 when I first visited Dr. Gasiecki, he did not paint a rosy picture for me but with his great knowledge and interest in my condition I am now free of pain, walking straight and sleeping better than I have in years. I feel that my health is better than it has been in several months. Thanks to Dr. Gasiecki and his team!

Colin Kitchens


I had really given myself a sentence of being young and middle aged cripple and not even being able to do things like others my age can do fine. I was very depressed and knew that my back and legs would only get worse. After the very first visit, I know that I was wrong and that there was hope. Dr. Gasiecki and his Staff are so knowledgeable and Great! I now have no pain and I am well on my way to perfect health. Thanks so much!!

Christeena Meade


I have had problems with my neck and shoulders for several years. Finally I could not put off seeking help because of the pain and limitations of movement. I came to Metter Chiropractic Center on the recommendations of a friend. This was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. After a Consulation and X-rays with Dr. Gasiecki, a treatment plan was implemented. I began to feel relief after the first session. Now other problems have been relieved.

1.) Now I can breath much better

2.) No more ear pains

3.) Severe headaches diminished

4.) Complete body movements 50% better

5.) Now at last I can hold my head up without pain

6.) Even bowel movements are better

Thanks to Dr. Gasiecki and his team of professionals!

Betty Strickland



I came to Metter Chiropractic Center with a back problem, and I left with a better quality of life. Not only are my back problems gone, but I also haven't had any further problems with my allergies. I had been on shots for a long time and had been taking allergy medicine for years. Since coming here, I haven't had a single allergy infection. Finally, I had difficulties conceiving before I came here, and had had a misscarriage. I'm happy to say that I'm now pregnant, and thankfully, I am not having any complications so far. I appreciate Dr. Gasiecki, Jessie, Jennifer and Erica so much, and would recommend them to anyone.

Wendy Salter


After my accident I was experiencing serve back pain which I was being treated with Loracets from my medical Dr. After my first adjustment I was able to discontinue medications, increase my motion and ability to continue working. The nutritional information was ver helpful and it has been an overall great and positive experience for me. Thank you for all the great work you've done for me.

John Terry


When I first came to Dr. Gasiecki, I was having severe pain in my lower back. After a few adjustment visits. I was feeling better. Thanks to Dr. Gasiecki and his wonderful staff, I now can do my daily activities with no pain at all.

Paul Blackburn


Dr. Gasiecki has been a blessing in my life. When I first came in my pain was unbearable. For the past month or so now I have been pain free. I would recommend anyone to come see him. Dr.Gasiecki and his staff they are the best. Thank you!!

Neta Kicklighter


I have spent lots of time in and out of a variety of doctors' offices. Dr. G's felt like coming home-away from the bustle. I was given so much hope that I would feel better overall--not just with the shoulder pain that brought me here. Indeed, my shoulder is much better. I can close my car door or swing a heavy bag up without even remembering the pain that used to prevent such simple acts. Moreover, everyone here has been so personable that each visit brings a dose of emotional kindness as well. Thank You.

Penelope Stanescu


I came to Dr. G with a blown disk. I was in lots of pain ,but after a few months with therapy and adjusments with Jessie, I started to feel alot better and could do things that i couldn't before because of the constant pain. Doc and his team had me back on my feet in no time! Thanks Dr. G and Staff

Andy Jackson


I had previously been treated by a chiropractor with only moderate success. Dr Gasiecki made a similar diagnosis, but the treatment has been considerably more effective. Dr. Gasiecki has also been such more comprhensive in his approach to health. I attribute my success to hs knowledge and technique and the appreciated physical therapy preformed by his assistant Jessie.

Stewart Key


I began seeing Dr. G for pain in my neck and lower back. The pain interfered with my daily life including riding horses and daily activities. I thought that this pain was goin to be a daily thing and tried to manage it with a pain reliever. While talking with a friend one day she told me about Dr. G and how he had helped her. I made a appointment and learned that what I was doing by taking pain relievers was just covering up my problems. Dr. G has not only helped me with my pain but has helped me enjoy life to its fullest

Brittany Jones


Thanks Team,

My story is simple, I was in great pain when I arrived here at Metter Chiropractic Center some weeks back, but now I am doing great. My pain has left, and my strength and energy level is much better. If it were not for Doc, surgery would have taken place by now. So once again THANKS TEAM!!!

Mike Purvis


I would like to thank Dr. Gasiecki for helping me get better. I am 73 years old. I suffered with degenerative disease in my back. When I went to the Doctor, I couldn't walk or do my daily ativities. The pain was so severe. Now I am doing fine, Dr. Gasiecki has helped me before with my neck and shoulders. Now I am thankful that I went to him. I am so glad to be myself again. Thanks again to Dr. Gasiecki and Staff they are really good!

Hazel Kicklighter

This place is wonderful! They are super nice and really listen to your needs. I love how they believe in natural ways to heal your body. I would recommend to anyone who is in pain! They really do a great job. 

Taylor Oliver

Dr. Gasiecki and his staff are amazing. My back is like new, and I am able to do all the things I enjoy. It has been life changing. I highly recommend Metter Chiropractic Center.

Rhonda Hendrix

Great Doctor and Staff. I feel better every month after my adjustment! Very community minded too-thanks for all you guys do.

Renee Williams

Was considering shoulder surgery, but Metter Chiropractic Center alleviated my need for surgery. The pain and numbness has all but disappeared. Pleasanlty surprised and pleased. This may be your alternative to surgery.

Charles Holland

Friendly staff, prompt service, and Dr. G is the best!!! I always feel like a million bucks after my adjustment!

Leslie Rigdon

I found Dr. G after we relocated for my husband's job. I was pregnant and having neuropathy in my right hand from the pregnancy. Dr. G and his staff are always professional, kind, and personable. He helped with the neruopathy and my usual monthly maintenance alignment. Would recommend this practice to anyone!

Leslie Wade

Dr. Gasiecki is the best! I always feel very welcomed and listened to. I had been to other Chiropractors, but I didn't feel like they really listened to my problems. After going to Dr. Gasiecki for a few months, I feel like a new person!!!

Sarah Bahorich

The office staff is always great and Dr. G is a fantastic doctor. I was having back and neck pains, and he was recommended by my daughter. After a couple of treatments, my back and neck pain are gone. I would highly recommend this office to everyone.

Rebecca Ranew

Dr. G and his staff are awesome. They truly care about you and your well being. They are caring friends who just happend to be my Chiropractor. Dr. G takes the time to get to know you personally. I first came do Dr. G for numbness in my fingers and hand. After a few visits, these symptoms were gone. WIth maintenance visits as needed, Dr. G keeps my aligned and running smoothly completing my first 1/2 Marathon and Sprint Triathalon. Thank you Dr. Gasiecki for all you do!

Terry Shriver

Years ago I visited a Chiropractor's office and had a really bad experience. There after I would never go or recommend one at all. Then my husband started going to Dr. G, because of an injured back. Dr. G really helped him to feel better, and I felt Dr. G was sincere. He asked me if there was anything he could do for me, and I told him how I felt about his profession. Then I told him I had severe leg cramps, and he said that he might be able to help me. The pain was so bad, I decided to give him a try. Almost immediately the leg cramps were gone! He found through x-rays a few other problems I had and he gave me the proper treatments. Since I have arthritis, I do still have some pain in other areas of my body, but the treatments help, and I can still walk! I cannot praise him and his office team enough for all they have done. Older age does not have the be horrible. Chiropractic treatments do help, and I believe they also prolong life.

Donna Jordan

I love this place and the people who work there. Dr. G has done wonders fo rmy neck after the wreck (being hit by an 18 wheeler.) I cannot tell ya'll enough to go see Metter Chiropractic Center!

Meghan Pearce

I am so glad I was referred to Dr. Gasiecki for my shoulder pain. He found the problem, and now I finally have some relief! He's an awseome doctor with a terrific staff. Than you so much for taking care of me!

Shanta Gibson

I went to Doctor G through both of my pregnancies and experienced none of the common back pains and leg pains that others talk about experiencing. When my babies were born, Rylee came to Doctor G at 8 weeks and Madison came to Doctor G at 4 weeks. He was able to relieve them of reflux, gas, and colic symptoms. 

Sheena Burnsed

Very attentive. Very helpful. The entire crew work well together. Helping me stay active.

Floyd Mercer

I'm always greeted by a friendly staff and they work hard to accomodate my schedule when I am making an appointment. Dr. G genuinely cares about his patients and makes you feel very comfortable. 

Alicia Ferrell

Dr. Gasiecki has helped my quality of life immensely. I was having constant headaches and frequent migraines. Now I only have an occasional headache and he will fit me in without an appointment and take care of it. He and his staff are great!


I love Metter Chiropractic! The treatments are really helping more than other places I've been and the staff is always friendly and helpful also!

Meagahan Wade

Dr. G is amazing! His office staff are very friendly and helpful! A+++

Amanda Hendrix

I love this place! Dr. G is awesome and his entire staff treat me with the utmost repsect!

Lisa Coleman

The best place in the world, friendly staff and fast service. They are the only one I trust with my Chiropractic care!

James Phillip